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How to Spot Information
Gaps in Your Business

TDWI Solution Spotlight

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Virtual Solution Spotlight: How to Spot Information Gaps in Your Business

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Today’s organizations are collecting high volumes of diverse and dynamic data to use for modern analytics, ostensibly for use cases such as self-service BI and machine learning. Yet they are struggling to derive insights from this data and put it to use. This is the “information gap”—the inability to turn data into insights, information, and knowledge to gain a competitive advantage. There are numerous reasons for this gap, including not finding the right data to analyze, not understanding the data, not trusting the data, not packaging the data for ease of use, and lacking the skills to analyze the data. These issues continue to be problems, even in newer environments such as the cloud.

Does the information gap sound familiar? Sign up to attend this free Virtual Solution Spotlight. Attendees will learn how to spot information gaps and what to do about them. Hear from Fern Halper, Ph.D., VP and senior director of research for advanced analytics at TDWI, plus expert speakers from Matillion.

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  • Fern Halper, Ph.D.

    VP and Senior Director of Research for Advanced Analytics, TDWI

    Overcoming Factors that Hamper Analytics Productivity

    Organizations are looking to modernize their data infrastructure for numerous reasons, but the top reason we see at TDWI is to support modern analytics, such as self-service BI and machine learning. Often, organizations are moving to cloud platforms as part of this modernization effort. However, the cloud doesn’t necessarily solve challenges such as data findability, data governance, or putting advanced analytics to work. In fact, in some cases, it can cause more complexity.

    In this presentation, Fern Halper, Ph.D., VP and senior director of research for advanced analytics at TDWI, will discuss some key data and analytics challenges organizations are facing as they try to derive insight from data and how to overcome them. Solutions include both technology and the organization's best practices.

  • Paul Lacey

    Senior Director of Product Marketing, Matillion

    Finding the Information Gaps in Your Organization

    We all know the nagging feeling that somehow, despite our best efforts and intentions, calamity awaits just around the corner. With the growing complexity of today’s cloud data and architectures, it seems it’s only a matter of time before we discover yet another issue lurking in the data.

    What if there was a way to spot these challenges ahead of time? A way to predict common problem areas and address them proactively before they hit the critical path?

    Join Paul Lacey, senior director of product marketing at Matillion, as we review recent survey submissions from hundreds of data professionals to identify common challenges with information creation in the cloud. We’ll uncover trends, pitfalls, and solutions to help your team stay on track and start closing information gaps you never knew existed.

    Speaker Bio: Paul Lacey is a senior director of product marketing at Matillion. He has extensive experience with big data processing, analytics, and OCR data extraction technologies, having led both product marketing and engineering teams across several SaaS technology companies. At Matillion, Paul focuses on helping customers make their data useful by leveraging best-in-class emerging technologies in the cloud.


    Naval Bal

    Solution Architect Manager, Matillion

    Speaker Bio: Naval Bal is a Solution Architect Manager at Matillion. He has hands-on experience with a wide array of technologies and tools in the ETL/ELT, data and analytics space. At Matillion, he enjoys working with customers to help facilitate modern data implementations using Matillion with other cloud native technologies and services.

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