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Available On-Demand - This webinar has been recorded and is now available for download.

Unifying the Traditional Enterprise Data Warehouse with Hadoop

TDWI Speaker: Colin White, President and Founder of BI Research

Webinar Abstract

The three-decade-old enterprise data warehouse is evolving into an enhanced data warehouse architecture where Hadoop acts as a supporting platform for traditional data warehouse activities. The challenge with this enhanced data warehouse approach is how to store and access data transparently regardless of its location and how it is managed. This presentation explores why organizations are adding Hadoop to the traditional data warehouse, presents use cases for such an environment, and takes a detailed look at why organizations need a common and transparent interface to both traditional relational and Hadoop data management systems. Topics that will be covered include

  • Extending the traditional data warehouse with Hadoop
  • Use cases for Hadoop in a data warehousing environment
  • Accessing a mixed data management environment
  • Supporting a common and transparent data interface to heterogeneous data and systems

Colin White

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