Data Governance – A Critical Component of Business Success


Webinar Abstract

Certainly, every business leader wants to have trusted, secure, consistent, and usable information, but data volumes and systems complexity have been increasing for years. Plus, most organizations rarely prioritize data governance, so why care now?

We’re at the brink of a perfect storm of unprecedented IT megatrends. The convergence of the cloud, social, mobile, and big data foreshadows the upcoming tsunami of data ripe with potential business value. It will also make the frustrating complexity of your traditional on-premises transactional data management challenges appear amazingly “manageable” in contrast.

You will learn:

  • The challenges for data governance programs and a framework for data governance that can be applied in today’s volatile distributed data world
  • How the megatrends of the cloud, mobile, social, and big data impact data governance adoption and your strategic vision for BI and analytics
  • Critical success factors that maximize the potential for success in our distributed data world 

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