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TDWI E-Book | Data-Driven Analytics: Knowing What You Don’t Know: Download

Download this e-book to read articles, opinions, and interviews that will help you understand the advantages and liabilities of self-service and cloud-based analytics.

File Type: .pdf File Size: 575 KB Duration: 10 pages


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data points report cover image

TDWI Data Points | Modern Cloud Data Environments in Financial Services : Asset

This TDWI Data Points Report discusses the current state of modern data environments in financial services, with a focus on the cloud.

cover image insight accelerator report

TDWI Insight Accelerator | Next-Level Customer Analytics in the Game, Entertainment, and Media Industries: Asset

This TDWI Insight Accelerator examines how various analytics methods are employed to understand customer behavior and how customer analytics can help improve customer experiences, customer retention, and opportunities for monetization.

Solution Landscape Enterprise Data Governance

This new report from TDWI is designed to help technical and business professionals like you evaluate and deploy new, emerging, and promising business technology solutions in the field of data governance.