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Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Sustainable Agile BI Practice

Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Sustainable Agile BI Practice
TDWI Member Exclusive

August 18, 2014

By Mark Giesbrecht

As a means of delivering BI value early and often, agile data warehousing (ADW) has moved from the margins to the mainstream. Product backlogs, work sprints, self-guided teams, and business sponsors partnering as product owners have replaced much of the central-planning, document-driven contract model of waterfall delivery.

Many BI practitioners are asking how they can ensure their quick wins from ADW are sustainable. They want to establish cost-effective, quality, and repeatable delivery while building an enterprise warehouse—without compromising the gains that have engaged business users and have them asking for more.

Opportunities for optimization can be found throughout the entire BI solution life cycle, from the initial assessment, to project planning and delivery, to project closure and ongoing support. Presented here are the 10 mistakes to avoid as you take your agile BI practice to the next level.

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