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Data Integration for Real-Time Data Warehousing and Data Virtualization

TDWI Checklist Report // Data Integration for Real-Time Data Warehousing and Data Virtualization

October 29, 2010

In a 2009 TDWI survey, 92% of respondents said they would be using real-time data warehousing functionality within three years. If your organization is among the vast majority of businesses looking to implement real-time data warehousing or data integration functions, download this report for a practical look at some critical questions:

Why the rush to real-time data warehousing? Some of these practices are purely a matter of timely decision making, such as operational business intelligence and frequently refreshed management dashboards. Others support fast-paced operations, such as just-in-time inventory, facility monitoring, and on-the-fly recommendations in e-commerce.

What is real-time data warehousing? It’s a combination of speedy technologies and fast-paced business processes. The point is to give business managers the information they need—and an appropriate presentation of it via business intelligence (BI) platforms—for making time-sensitive decisions relative to daily operations.

What is the best way to implement RT DW? Real-time data warehousing is best enabled by real-time data integration tools and techniques such as microbatches, data federation, real-time data quality, changed data capture, complex event processing, and so on.

How does data integration support RT DW? This report lays out a methodology for virtualizing enterprise data so that it is easily provisioned via data services that can operate in real time, latently in bulk, or any gradation between.

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