TDWI Is Your Source for In-Depth Education and Research on All Things Data

For 20 years, TDWI has been helping data professionals get smarter so the companies they work for can innovate and grow faster. 

What We Do

TDWI provides individuals and teams with a comprehensive portfolio of business and technical education and research to acquire the knowledge and skills they need, when and where they need them. The in-depth, best-practices-based information TDWI offers can be quickly applied to develop world-class talent across your organization’s business and IT functions to enhance analytical, data-driven decision making and performance.

TDWI advances the art and science of realizing business value from data by providing an objective forum where industry experts, solution providers, and practitioners can explore and enhance data competencies, practices, and technologies.

TDWI offers five major conferencestopical seminarsonsite education, a worldwide membership program, business intelligence certificationlive Webinars, resourceful publicationsindustry news, an in-depth research program, and a comprehensive website:

TDWI covers a range of topics.  These include:     

Big Data
  • Managing big data
  • Hadoop directions, strategies, and innovation
  • Evolving data ecosystems/hybrid environments
  • Big data technologies
  • NoSQL and NewSQL
  • Big data analytics
Data Warehousing
  • Enterprise data integration
  • Beginning to advanced data modeling and quality practices
  • Modern data warehousing and virtualized data architectures
Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Business intelligence architecture and practices
  • Performance management, dashboards, scorecards
  • Data visualization, data exploration, and discovery
  • Data storytelling
  • Data analysis
  • BI trends and emerging practices, including self-service, mobile, democratization
Data Analytics
  • Data mining
  • Advanced analytics best practices, applications, and competencies 
  • Advanced analytics technologies: predictive analytics, text analytics, prescriptive analytics,  geospatial analytics, stream mining, and social media analytics
  • Big data analytics  
  • Leading-edge advanced analytics applications and practices, including embedding and operationalizing analytics
  • Advanced analytics direction and trends: deep learning, cognitive computing, and decision automation
  • Data science
Hot Topics
  • Cloud BI and analytics
  • SaaS BI applications
  • M2M
  • Internet of things (IoT)
  • Data-driven innovation
Data Management
  • Enterprise data architectures
  • Self-service, shared services, and central services BI techniques and practices
  • Best practices for building a data-driven organization
  • Competency centers, leadership and management, organizational best practices
  • Data governance and data quality management
  • Data design and modeling, dimensional modeling
  • MDM
  • Data consolidation, federation, and virtualization
Agile BI
  • Agile data warehousing
  • Agile analytics
  • Agile data governance

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