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TDWI events feature end-to-end learning experiences on the core pillars of analytics and data management. They are designed to bring you from foundational concepts and best practices to hands-on skills and ideation, so you can ultimately put your knowledge to work back in the office immediately.

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Upcoming Conferences

  • Conference - TDWI Orlando Conference

    November 11-16, 2018
    Save 20% through September 21

    Look into the future of big data and analytics and end the year strong with TDWI Orlando. An annual fan-favorite, this event presents big data trends, data management at scale, and predictive analytics education so you can implement what’s new and what’s next in the industry.

Upcoming Leadership Summits

  • Leadership Summit TDWI Orlando Leadership Summit TDWI Leadership Summit Orlando

    November 12-13, 2018
    Save 20% through September 21

    An interactive summit for business, IT, and analytics leaders who select and implement emerging technologies to solve new challenges and align with new business opportunities. Register and participate in engaging sessions, network with your peers and learn best practices from the leaders of the data revolution.

Upcoming Seminars

  • Seminar Denver TDWI Denver Seminar

    Business Analytics Fundamentals

    Denver, CO
    September 17–19, 2018
    Registration Closes September 14

    Business Analytics Fundamentals Learn the cornerstones of business analytics with this seminar. Learn the fundamentals of analytics, dive into the capabilities of predictive analytics, and gain essential skills for effectively communicating your findings through data visualization.

  • Seminar Boston

    Visualization, Dashboards, & Analytics Adoption

    Boston, MA
    September 24–26, 2018
    Registration Closes September 21

    Visualization, Dashboards, & Analytics Adoption Join this extensive three-day workshop for a practical approach to the tools and methodologies of building effective dashboards. Learn about the UX of analytics, how to increase dashboard adoption, and walk away with a dashboard wireframe specific to your own business objectives.

  • Seminar Minneapolis TDWI Minneapolis Seminar

    BI Essentials

    Minneapolis, MN
    October 15–17, 2018
    Registration Closes October 12

    BI Essentials 

  • Seminar Redwood City TDWI Redwood City Seminar

    Machine Learning Essentials

    Redwood City, CA
    October 22–24, 2018
    Save 10% through September 21

    Machine Learning Essentials 

  • Seminar Atlanta

    Data Management Fundamentals

    Atlanta, GA
    December 3–5, 2018
    Save 20% through October 19

    Data Management Fundamentals 

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