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MDM Growth

Master Data Management: Myth of the Mega Vendor Platform

Industry analyst firm IDC is predicting that the master data management (MDM) market will grow to $10.4 billion by the year 2009, with a compound annual growth rate of 13.8 percent. Other analyst firms such as Gartner and Forrester claim that MDM provides significant business benefits and is a critical foundation for managing enterprise information assets.

From the Editor

This article originally appeared in the issue of Transforming Data with Intelligence.

Lesson from the Experts: Giving Business Users the Power to Make Data Actionable

Most business users don’t have access tothe data they need to make better decisions,although most of this data already resides intheir company systems. Search technologycan find data if it exists in a cell, report, ordocument that someone else has generated.But if you’re looking for something new—aggregated, summarized, or trending data thatrequires you to create a new report—thenyou’ll need a technology that conducts analysisas well as search. Historically, businessintelligence (BI) tools have been the answer,but usability has limited accessibility andprevented positive results. TDWI researchreports adoption rates in the low 20%range of users within the enterprise.(Wayne W. Eckerson, TDWI’s Best of BI,Vol. 5, 2007, “Contemplating Consolidation,”p. 14.) The problem is not just the complexityof BI tools, but the need to understandthe data—where it’s stored, what it’s called,and how it’s structured. IT and BI analystshave historically owned the data and accessto it, because they know how to get at it andhave learned the tools of the trade used toleverage it.

Lesson from the Experts: Best Practices and Emerging Trends in Enterprise BI

Business intelligence (BI) solutions haveevolved beyond the traditional query, reporting,and dashboard tools that tell you howyour business performed in the past. Cutting-edgeanalytic and predictive capabilities,and visualization and delivery enhancementsare examples of the advances of the pastfew years. But these new choices can seemdaunting to customers seeking to implementa new BI strategy or to rationalize their existingBI toolset. Oracle’s observations on howleading edge companies are implementing BIcan help other organizations focus on what’simportant when researching BI solutionproviders.

Performance Management and BI

Q&A with the Experts: Hyperion

A business intelligence or data warehouse implementation can be a formidable undertaking. On this page, leading business intelligence and data warehousing solution provider Hyperion share their answers to the questions they hear often from industry professionals. Mark Hammond, an independent consultant, provides his analyst viewpoint to each Q&A.

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