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Artificial Intelligence Versus the Data Engineer

Does generative AI change the role of the data engineer? As the demand for AI skyrockets, so does the demand for data and data engineering.

AI Readiness with Fern Halper

TDWI’s Fern Halper explains what enterprises need to do to prepare for AI and introduces initial results from TDWI’s AI Readiness Assessment.

Q&A: Enhancing Analytics with AI

Machine learning, large language models, and AI are having an impact on analytics. Case in point: Heather H. Wilson, CEO of CLARA Analytics, explains how her company is putting AI to work in the insurance industry.

Q&A: AI’s Place in a Data-Driven Enterprise

AI is making BI and analytics more accessible beyond data analysts. MicroStrategy’s Saurabh Abhyankar, executive vice president and chief product officer, explains how.

Three Areas Where AI Can Make a Huge Difference Without Significant Job Risk

As we roll out AI, we are focusing too much on productivity and not enough on the things that truly need fixing.

How Quantum Computing Will Revolutionize Cloud Analytics

The shift from classical to quantum analytics promises unprecedented processing power and speed. This opens up new possibilities, from enhancing security with quantum encryption to deeper insights delivered faster.

The Question Everyone Should Ask Before Deploying AI

We need AI to help us make better decisions rather than speed up the impact of our bad ones.

Best Practices to Ensure Data Transformation Success

Prophecy’s founder and CEO Raj Bains explains how organizations can overcome the challenges to achieving enterprise-wide data transformation.

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