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Eventador Platform Streamlines Streaming Application Development

Enables use of ANSI SQL to create materialized views on Apache Kafka streams and easily consume data in RESTful applications.

Note: TDWI’s editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements., a streaming data engine for application development, unveiled the Eventador Platform version 2.0, an end-to-end, produce-to-consume stream processing platform that lets developers quickly and easily build applications from the firehose of streaming data. With Eventador, data science, developer, and data engineering teams can unlock new value and power from data streams in their models, applications, and ETL flows.

Eventador Platform v2.0 solves the complex problem of providing a queryable, time-consistent state of streams via materialized views. Views are defined using ANSI-SQL, are automatically indexed and maintained, and arbitrarily queried via RESTful endpoints. Users can query by secondary key, perform range scans, and utilize a suite of common operators against these views.

With the new release, the Eventador Platform removes the need for additional database, web server, load balancing, or other complex infrastructure, which means developing streaming applications is now faster and less costly than with current, often piecemeal, stream processing systems. This provides organizations the lowest possible TCO for their streaming platforms and increases innovation and access to new revenue streams with faster application time-to-market.

“Companies have adopted Apache Kafka as the de facto data bus for streaming data,” said Kenny Gorman, co-founder and CEO of Eventador, “By using the Eventador Platform, customers no longer need to provision expensive, often slow, database infrastructure and can instead query streaming data directly using materialized views. The Eventador Platform is a bespoke solution, not a simple add-on to Kafka, that solves the disconnect between streaming data and applications.”

The Eventador Platform includes:

  • A production-grade, continuous SQL engine that lets users easily interact with streaming data just like they would with a database. With an interactive SQL parser, users can easily inspect, and reason about streams of data. Users can also create materialized views on streams of data that are continuously updated, indexed, and maintained. Teams can easily query materialized views via REST with a rich set of operators and capabilities using a powerful query builder UI.
  • A simple, secure, and fully managed Apache Flink platform that allows you to write Apache Flink jobs in Java/Scala and that processes streaming data to and from any source or sink including Apache Kafka. It also provides rich features including team management, stop/restart/clone from savepoint, job metadata, Github integration, automatic job builds, and more.

The Eventador Platform is currently available with a 14-day free trial at

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