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Data Stories: Education and Careers

Do you know any new grads? These data visualizations show the ROI of a degree, the variety of careers for liberal arts grads, and jobs that are common in specific U.S. states.


How Much Can You Earn?


Scroll through this investigation from career search platform Zippia to see the average lifetime wage benefit for earning a new degree. Then enter your own variables further down the page to explore more.


The Flexibility of a Liberal Arts Degree

Smith College

Smith College surveyed its alumnae and found a huge range in how students’ courses of study lined up with their eventual careers. Click on the bars on either side of the chart to drill down for more information.


New Jersey Has More Crossing Guards, D.C. Has Economists

Flowing Data

Some jobs are common throughout the U.S., but what job is uniquely popular in each state? See this chart from Flowing Data to find out. 

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