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Data Stories: The Power of Google

Google’s prominence makes it the source of a huge amount of data. These charts show just a few ways to look at it.


Google Dominates Search

Visual Capitalist

You know Google is the biggest search engine, but how much of the Internet’s search traffic really passes through a Google platform? An overwhelming amount, as this chart from Visual Capitalist shows.


Using Google Data

Google causes of death

That market dominance leads to a lot of data, and data leads to a lot of analysis -- everything from amusing correlations about when people search for the word “summer” to examining which causes of death people are worried about.


Search as Self-Fulfilling Prophecy


However, it’s dangerous to assume that Google data, vast as it is, tells the whole story. This December article from MarketWatch points out that Google searches for bitcoin may themselves have driven the value of the cryptocurrency to its greatest heights.


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