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Best of Upside's Data Digest

Articles examine hiring analytics professionals, KPIs and big data, data governance worst practices, and dealing with guerrilla data.

Hiring Great Analytics Professionals
(Source: CIO)

This article breaks down the main tasks and skills you might consider when hiring analysts and data scientists.

KPIs Give Context to Big Data
(Source: Forbes)

Regardless of the amount of outside data you collect in your big data quest, the information is useless without internal context. This article argues that using KPIs as that internal context is the best way to measure the success of your big data projects.

Getting More from Your Data Scientists
(Source: Data Informed)

Do you understand how data scientists and business users can collaborate for greatest impact? This article explains best practices for getting the most from your data science team.

Data Governance Worst Practices
(Source: Datanami)

Proper data governance is a tough task when you're faced with big data, so make sure you avoid these 5 common mistakes.

Get a Leg Up with Guerrilla Data
(Source: Forbes)

In today's hyper-competitive world, you should take any advantage you can find. This article describes how an agricultural data enterprise used unconventional data collection to reach new data sources. These "guerrilla" data efforts created new value; similar stories could play out for your enterprise if you have the foresight to seek them out.

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