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Data Digest: Unlocking Data Lake’s Value, Mining Excess Big Data, Cloud Computing Myths

Learn ways your data lake can reach its full potential, explore profitable uses for unused data, and popular myths about cloud computing busted.

Unlocking the Data Lake's Value

A data lake is now a popular choice for data storage, but turning the data collected into insight can be difficult. This article explores 3 tactics to make your data lake more valuable, especially for marketing insights.

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Making the Most of Excess Data

One of the side effects of big data collection is ending up with more data than needed. This article explains three ways to gain a secondary benefit from data sets that your enterprise is finished with.

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Popular Cloud Computing Misconceptions

The cloud has joined big data in the mainstream, yet misinformation about cloud computing persists. This article looks at a recent survey of IT professionals to determine which beliefs about cloud computing are just myths.

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About the Author

Quint Turner is an editorial intern at TDWI and an undergraduate English student at Skidmore College. Follow his blog at

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