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Best of Upside’s Data Digest

Articles examine hiring data scientists, small business and big data, benefits of distributed BI, and guidance for analytics projects.

Plan Before Hiring Data Scientists
(Source: Network World)

The data scientist is still the hottest new job, although some enterprises are hiring one without a clear idea of what he or she will accomplish. This article explains how to create a realistic and coordinated plan to make the best use of a new data scientist.

Even Small Enterprises Can Use Data
(Source: Smallbizdaily)

Regardless of your size, data analytics can be valuable to your enterprise. This article provides targeted advice for small enterprises trying to get started with data analytics, but the tips are applicable for any enterprise.

Big Benefits from Distributed BI
(Source: Forbes)

Business intelligence is evolving from a task for a central IT team to a tool for everyone in the enterprise. This article explores evidence that the shift to self-service BI has allowed leaders to act on effective insight more quickly.

Effective Analytics Projects Need Guidance
(Source: Techrepublic)

No matter how great your team of developers is, your project may veer off-course without proper guidance. This article recommends providing clear operational definitions for success. This will help your team finish projects rather than aim for some unobtainable perfection.

Simplify Big Data Systems for Best Results
(Source: TMCnet)

Effectively using big data requires the right solution. This article explains the challenges enterprises face when implementing big data and recommends an integrated, single-stack approach for simplicity.

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