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Data Digest: The “Death” of IoT; Getting Value from IoT; and Integrating IoT with Mobile

Recent lessons in the news for IoT developers, including projections of how mobile and IoT may evolve together.

The News of the Death of IoT is Greatly Exaggerated

Recent news has portrayed the Internet of Things in a not-so-favorable light. This article discusses how the negative press about events such as the shutdown of Revolv can teach the industry a few lessons about how IoT should change.

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Getting Value Out of IoT Takes More than Connecting

The Internet of Things may connect the world, but unless you are properly analyzing all the data collected, there is no point. This article uses urban improvement as an example to explain the steps required for an enterprise to acquire useful intelligence from IoT data.

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Key to IoT Success Lies in Mobile Integration

Although some believe the Internet of Things will usurp the mobile market, this article argues that mobile will be the key to marketing success with IoT. The author claims that mobile will be around for at least the next ten years, and explains his vision for how IoT and mobile should evolve together.

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