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Data Digest: 6 IoT Security Risks, Keeping Data Lakes Clean, and a Fog Layer for IoT

How to make sure your enterprise stays safe when connecting to IoT devices, keeping your data lake pure, and Inserting a "fog" layer between devices and the cloud.

6 IoT Security Risks

More enterprises need to start interfacing with the Internet of Things and with widespread adoption comes widespread confusion. Make sure your enterprise stays safe when connecting to IoT devices by considering these six risks.

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Keeping the Data Lake Unpolluted

When managed poorly, a data lake may become a mess of unknown, unusable data. This article offers tips for keeping your data lake clean.


IoT Will Be in the Fog as Well as the Cloud

Many enterprises have realized that a complete shift to cloud computing is not feasible and that keeping some infrastructure local and some in the cloud provides specific benefits. This article recommends a similar hybrid solution when implementing IoT, with a 'fog' layer between devices and the cloud.

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