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QlikView 10 Expands Data Exploration for BI Users

Delivers new search, performance, and connectivity improvements

Note: TDWI’s editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

QlikTech has released QlikView 10, a BI solution that combines the simplicity of the consumer application user experience with the power of enterprise BI. QlikView helps business users ask and answer critical business questions and solve business problems in days and weeks instead of the months needed by traditional BI solutions.

With QlikView 10, any business user can become instantly productive by clicking through data to make more informed, timely decisions. It also features new visualizations that enable users to explore and understand their data more easily. For example, new Mekko charts let users portray relationships and ratios among dimensional values within a bar chart. In addition, users cam refine or change selections via a drop-down list for each selection.

QlikView 10’s Associative Search leverages QlikView’s in-memory approach to deliver the familiar experience of a search engine to find critical information and get fast business answers. Similar to Google’s new Instant Search, QlikView’s Associative Search provides instant results as you type. Its interface highlights important relationships between your data. QlikView 10 also extends Associative Search into every listbox on every dashboard, enabling users to quickly find detailed answers to critical questions.

QlikView 10 delivers performance improvements, from data acquisition to end-user interaction. QlikView 10’s new asynchronous AJAX support enables data objects to refresh in real time without refreshing the entire screen. Core calculation enhancements and multi-threaded reloads take advantage of a new generation of server hardware with large numbers of CPU cores.

QlikView 10 also scales to meet the requirements of the largest global enterprises. It supports tens of thousands of connected users and billions of records, and delivers linear scalability that leverages the most advanced 64-bit Intel multi-core architectures.

With QlikView extensions, customers have a virtually endless array of visualization and other customization opportunities. For instance, QlikView 10 extensions can show visualizations of maps, flow charts, and Flash animations; the new QlikView Data Exchange (QVX) makes it easy for third-party systems to output data that can be quickly accessed by QlikView. All integration points into and out of QlikView are documented and openly available to customers and partners who build on our platform.

QlikView 10 gives IT control with consoles for measuring, monitoring, and deploying QlikView applications and data. It also offers centralized management capabilities, including load balancing, administration, and refresh scheduling. QlikView 10 further enhances enterprise manageability capabilities by supporting legal and regulatory compliance initiatives with comprehensive, new end-user usage audit logging, as well as more detailed and distributed control over content distribution.

QlikView 10 enables enterprises to easily consolidate data from any source: operational applications such as Oracle, SAP, and; databases such as SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle underlying custom applications; traditional disk-based BI and data warehouses such as Teradata and Informatica; data behind Web services; and local data such as spreadsheets. QlikView 10 allows enterprises to leverage their investment in existing business and warehousing assets with intuitive access and comprehensive analytics and sophisticated visualization.

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