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TDWI maintains this library of white papers as a resource for in-depth research and commentary about the big data, business intelligence, data warehousing, and analytics industry. The content in this repository is crafted by TDWI's software and consulting partners. To find out how your company can promote its content in this library, click here.

Qvidian Embedded Analytics Case Study

January 1, 2017

This white paper describes how Qvidian, a sales software provider, used Birst Embedded Analytics to increase revenue and boost product differentiation in just eight weeks.

Cloudera Whitepaper Data Drives Business Cover

Data Drives Business

January 1, 2017

Data is transforming businesses, reducing business risks, and creating a competitive advantage for those who use it effectively.

Cloudera Big Data Cybersecurity thumb

Big Data Cybersecurity Analytics Research Report

January 1, 2017

Download this white paper to understand the current state of cybersecurity big data analytics and how it intersects with Apache Hadoop-based cybersecurity applications.

Monetizing the Data Exhaust: Top 10 Industries with Data Monetization Opportunities

January 1, 2017

Download this white paper for a look at the top 10 industries that can monetize the value of their data. This is a collection of use cases that show examples of monetizable data, the value and beneficiaries of this data, and the business applications that can be created around it.

Governance in the Age of Data Discovery: Delivering Trust and Transparency at Business Speed

January 1, 2017

This white paper describes how companies evaluating business intelligence solutions must look for modern architectures that support transparent governance at business speed and deliver a unified view of data without sacrificing end-user autonomy.

Cloudera Intel Speaking to Customers thumb

Speaking to More Than a Million Customers Individually

January 1, 2017

Download this white paper to learn how True Corporation, Thailand’s leading communications conglomerate, built a big data platform to better serve their customers’ needs.

Forrester: Secure IoT As It Advances Through Maturity Phases

January 1, 2017

This report analyzes the attributes of IoT risk by industry. The framework provided helps enterprise security and risk professionals predict when the products they are building, or the technologies they use, will likely become targets of attack.

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