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Anodot WP P1 Building ML Anomaly cover

Building a Large Scale, Machine Learning-Based Anomaly Detection System - Part 1: Design Principles

January 17, 2017

This white paper, part one in a three-part series, covers the design principles of creating an anomaly detection system. It explores various types of machine learning techniques, along with the main design principles that affect how that learning takes place.

Birst white paper cover

Modernize Your Supply Chain with Smart, Connected Analytics

January 5, 2017

Download this white paper to learn how modern supply chain analytics will facilitate collaboration beyond the four walls of your business and across the entire ecosystem of partners and suppliers.

Birst Gartner data prep report cover

Embrace Self-Service Data Preparation Tools for Agility, but Govern to Avoid Data Chaos

January 5, 2017

Download this white paper to learn why BI leaders who embrace self-service data preparation capabilities will have a competitive advantage over organizations that insist on centralized ETL alone.

Cloudera whitepaper cover

Exposing Cyberthreats with Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

January 1, 2017

Download this white paper to learn how a leader in delivering cybersecurity solutions and services partnered with Cloudera to deliver advanced statistical and behavioral analytics along with machine-learning capabilities.

Cloudera whitepaper cover

Modern Data Strategy

January 1, 2017

Download this white paper to learn how to develop an effective--and modern-—big data strategy.

Real-time Data Pipelines: Bring in More Data, Faster

January 1, 2017

Explore traditional ingestion and data processing architectures and new modern approaches using Cloudera.

Three Ways to Get Started with Hadoop

January 1, 2017

Dell and Intel share three solutions that provide end-to-end scalable infrastructure, leveraging open source technologies, to allow you to simultaneously store and process large datasets in a distributed environment for data mining and analysis, on both structured and unstructured data, and to do it all in an affordable manner.

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