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NiFi for Dummies

January 1, 2018

Apache NiFi is an integrated data logistics and simple event processing platform. It provides an end-to-end platform that can collect, curate, analyze and act on data in real-time, on-premise, or in the cloud with a drag-and-drop visual interface. This book is a must read.

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Forrester Reprints: Stretch Your Data Management Capabilities

January 1, 2018

Firms face an enormous data management challenge: how to act on data and insights to serve increasingly powerful customers and outmaneuver disruptive competitors. Architects once had time to plan methodically, but those days are quickly fading as the pace of business change accelerates. The only answer is a continuous improvement that stretches data capabilities in an “insights-first” strategy. This report provides advice for enterprise and data architects to help them systematically improve their data management capabilities in order to turn data into insights.

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Develop Streaming Analytics Applications with HDF

January 1, 2018

To realize the full potential of Modern Data Applications, organizations need to be able to capture both rich, historical insights on data-at-rest and perishable insights from data-in-motion. While flow management tools are available to help gather, route, filter and transform data from any source, companies have lacked equivalent tools for building the analytics apps needed to extract insight from streaming data.

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Supercharge your CRM with Built-In Data Quality

January 1, 2018

Download this e-book to explore the major challenges organizations face within their CRM systems as the result of low data quality

IB wp 5 Worst Practices in BI cover

The Top Five Worst Practices in Business Intelligence

January 1, 2018

Download this white paper to avoid making five common mistakes in business intelligence and analytics.

IB wp Making a Case for Embedded BI cover

Making a Case for Embedded Business Intelligence

January 1, 2018

Download this white paper to learn why your organization should embed business intelligence tools and how to select the right solution.

White paper cover

The Data-Driven Enterprise Done Right

January 1, 2018

This guide contains the information you’ll need to understand and succeed with modern cloud data warehousing. It will start you on a path to transform your company’s data analytics with five key topics crucial to getting started.

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