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Reduce Supply Chain Friction Through the Power of Integrated Data

TDWI Solution Spotlight

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Virtual Solution Spotlight: Reduce Supply Chain Friction Through the Power of Integrated Data

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Nobody needs to tell organizations dependent on supply chains that recent times have been full of uncertainty. Disruptions, economic challenges, global crises, and sudden changes in consumer demand continue to test resilience and agility. Supply chains today are complex and global, often involving hundreds, if not thousands, of suppliers and products at different stages of the journey from raw materials to finished goods in the hands of customers. However, data is distributed everywhere across global supply chains, and it is not always accessible, usable, up-to-date, or well governed. Critical opportunities to succeed in the supply chain by leveraging trusted data are missed.

Behind the physical supply chain, organizations need a data supply chain: one that enables you to develop and share insights across partners, use governed information flows to manage inventories and reduce costs, and increase real-time awareness of changing situations so you can adapt quickly.

Join this TDWI Virtual Solution Summit to learn how to modernize your data strategy to minimize disruptions, increase agility, and optimize supply chains. Speakers will discuss forward-looking best practices for fixing systematic issues that make data sharing difficult. We will discuss how logical data fabrics and data virtualization can help you increase the business value of data in your supply chain.

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    David Stodder

    Senior Director of TDWI Research for Business Intelligence

    Plan for the Future of Data-Driven Supply Chains

    Being informed and proactive is key to managing supply chains in a fast-moving, highly changeable environment. Companies in manufacturing, consumer packaged goods (CPG), retail, e-commerce, and many other industries face challenges that lead to high costs, unsatisfied customers, and competitive disadvantages. The common root cause is often difficulty accessing, sharing, and analyzing critical supply chain data. Organizations lack visibility into risk factors and vulnerabilities that are putting pressure on supply chains and aren’t sure how to respond.

    In this presentation, TDWI’s senior director of research for business intelligence, David Stodder, will discuss trends and strategies in data sharing and data integration that could help organizations optimize supply chains and increase their agility to handle disruptions.

    Topics this presentation will cover include:

    • Current challenges and how to plan for the future of data-driven supply chains
    • Data technologies and practices that can improve visibility and response to unexpected developments
    • How new techniques such as logical data fabrics, data virtualization, and data catalogs help organizations address the complexity of distributed data in supply chains
    • Strategies for improving data integrity, governance, and quality

    Darrin Joncas

    Managing Partner, W5 Consulting

    The Abnormal New Normal for Enterprise Resource Planning

    In this presentation, Darrin Joncas will discuss two major factors that are contributing to supply chain challenges. The first is the nature of distributed data versus centralized data and how it relates to the increased volume of records we need to process as a business in a day-to-day business cycle. The second is how we move/collect that data and get it into a readable, real-time format inside our ERP systems.

    Making decisions on data is absolutely critical. Currently we are challenged with maintaining a sense of operability in our business. To quote an industry-leading importer exporter of aluminum, “I don't necessarily care when my product comes, what I care about is that it comes when they say it will.”

    The topic will focus on supply chain visibility as it pertains to data and an understanding of supply chain complexity for enterprise resource planning. In other words, as it relates to supply chains and data, what is the new abnormal normal?

    • Data volume and transfer time
    • Single-source versus distributed networks
    • Digital transformation: changing our relationship with data distribution and orchestration
    • Maintaining traditional inventory strategies while investing in new ones
    • Lack of actionable data and insights

    Speaker Bio: Darrin Joncas is a managing partner for W5 Consulting. He has been a leader in the software and technology services industry for the past 25 years, including practice management at SAP, global SAP senior director, U.S. ambassador for GDPR, and principal solution expert. Darrin has worked with ERP systems during this time specializing in supply chain, manufacturing, and data governance. In the last five years, Darrin has built a successful services company around the pillars of people, process, and technology. He specialized in ERP needs, not wants, and things that are “hard to do.”


    Paul Moxon

    SVP Data Architectures and Chief Evangelist, Denodo Technologies

    Sharing Data Across the Supply Chain

    The Denodo Platform provides a different way for supply chain participants to share their data with other partners in the supply chain. Rather than copying the requisite data and sending it to the partner organizations, the Denodo Platform allows participants to share the data in real time and on demand. This greatly reduces the data friction in the supply chain and increases the real-time visibility across the supply chain for all participants. Using the Denodo Platform in this way, a participant can control what data they share with other participants and don’t need to expose their core systems to their partners. They can easily share data but still maintain control.

    In this presentation, Paul Moxon will explain how the Denodo Platform can enable real-time visibility across the supply chain while still allowing the individual participants to control what data they are sharing and with whom.

    Speaker Bio: Paul Moxon is the senior vice president of data architectures and chief evangelist at Denodo Technologies. In this role, he works with many different organizations to help them modernize their data architectures. Paul has over 30 years of experience in the software industry working for companies such as BEA System, Progress Software, and IONA Technologies. Paul has worked on large integration projects with organizations such as AT&T Wireless, Saudi Aramco, Shell, Nederlandse Gasunie, and Reuters. Paul has also been recognized as one of the “most influential people in data” by DataIQ 100.

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