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Automating the Data
and Analytics Life Cycle

TDWI Solution Spotlight

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Virtual Solution Spotlight: Automating the Data and Analytics Life Cycle

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As organizations look to perform more advanced analytics, they often struggle to build a modern infrastructure to support analytics-ready data. There are numerous reasons for this, including new data sources to integrate, more complex data, and manual pipelines that can be hard to build and fraught with error. Many organizations are looking to automate portions of their data management infrastructure, from data ingest to building a data warehouse or a data lake that supports analytics.

Sign up to attend this free Virtual Solution Spotlight. Attendees will learn what is possible with automation across the data and analytics life cycle. This includes automating the data ingestion process, automating the data warehouse, and tools that help to improve trust and productivity, such as utilizing a data catalog as part of the life cycle.

Hear from Fern Halper, Ph.D., VP and senior director of research for advanced analytics at TDWI, plus expert speakers from Qlik.

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  • Fern Halper, Ph.D.

    Sr. Director of Research for Advanced Analytics at TDWI

    Modernizing Data Management: Automate Where Possible

    Organizations are looking to modernize their data infrastructure for numerous reasons. These include realigning their data warehouse to meet new business goals, providing data for new business cases, and leveraging new platforms to gain scale, speed, functionality, and agility. Advanced analytics is a leading driver of data warehouse modernization because it often requires increasing volumes of diverse and disparate data.

    In this presentation, Fern Halper, Ph.D, VP and senior director of research for advanced analytics at TDWI, will discuss the current data landscape supporting analytics as well as current challenges in data management. She will discuss the trend towards automation, what data warehouse automation is all about, and how automation can help across the entire analytics life cycle.

  • Gal Barnea

    Partner Engineering Manager, AWS, Amazon Redshift

    Amazon Redshift: Innovation at Scale

    Amazon Redshift continues to change the scale and economies of data warehousing, with more than 200 new features and capabilities released in the past 18 months. In this session, we will dive into recent product enhancements that enable you to scale cost-effectively across diverse data warehouse workloads. We will discuss the new Amazon Redshift RA3 instances, the upcoming AQUA for Redshift, and share how innovations like cluster Pause & Resume, Federated Query, and Data Lake Export enable you to easily manage and bring together all your data.

    Speaker Bio: Gal leads the Partner Engineering team on the Amazon Redshift team. In this capacity, he works closely with key technology partners to drive adoption of Amazon Redshift and grow the technical ecosystem surrounding it. During his career, Gal built & lead engineering teams, oversaw large scale data processing and analysis initiatives, and worked with some of the world’s largest brands.

  • Clive Bearman

    Clive Bearman

    Director of Product Marketing at Qlik

    5 Tips for Agile Data Warehousing

    It’s no secret that cloud data warehouses such as Amazon Redshift accelerate digital transformation. They’re a central repository for enterprise data; they require no hardware; they’re infinitely scalable; and you pay only for the resources you consume. But it doesn’t need to stop there. When used with an automation and data integration solution, a cloud data warehouse can dramatically accelerate the ROI of your most critical analytics projects, leading directly to a competitive edge.

    In this session, Clive Bearman will discuss 5 tips that you can use to build an agile data warehouse that will vastly accelerate your time to insight. Clive will discuss:

    • The role of real-time data delivery in modern data warehousing
    • Why automation and orchestration are key to warehouse ROI
    • Where to apply automation for the biggest payback
    • Discover how you can deliver on the promise of agile data warehousing

    Speaker Bio: Clive Bearman is a senior director of product marketing at Qlik. In this role, Clive leads the go-to-market for much of the Qlik’s data integration platform, including replication and data warehouse automation. Clive brings almost 20 years of experience in the data integration and analytics markets to Qlik, having held senior roles at Lexumo, Informatica, Active Endpoints, and EMC. Clive lives in downtown Boston and is an ardent baseball fan. Go Sox!

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