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Delivering Machine Learning Insights for the Business at Large

TDWI Solution Spotlight

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Virtual Solution Spotlight: Delivering Machine Learning Insights for the Business at Large

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Demand for AI and predictive machine learning continues to increase as organizations realize the value data science models provide. In a recent TDWI survey, for instance, over 70 percent of respondents stated that demand for machine learning was increasing. Success depends on building, deploying, and managing a robust model with the right data and features, as well as surfacing the predictions in a way that the organization can best leverage them. Yet many organizations struggle with this process. Machine learning output is often made available for the few on data science teams, rather than the line-of-business majority seeking such insights to influence and shape their mission-critical decisions. A unified approach is critical for bridging the gap and empowering both groups to have a larger business impact.

Sign up to attend this free Virtual Solution Spotlight webinar and learn about data and analytics technology strategies for machine learning. Learn how you can extend predictive analytics to business users in a simple, interactive, and more transparent way. Discover how machine learning and AI can be used within a BI platform to help every business user make better decisions.

Join TDWI’s Fern Halper, Ph.D., VP of research and senior research director for advanced analytics, plus expert speakers from Qlik, DataRobot, and the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) to learn how to succeed with machine learning in your organization.

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  • Fern Halper, Ph.D.

    Sr. Director of Research for Advanced Analytics at TDWI

    Five Success Factors for Machine Learning

    Companies are looking to machine learning to help them transform and provide competitive value. Machine learning is being used across organizations, from IT and Operations to HR. Yet while machine learning continues to gain in popularity, TDWI research indicates that many organizations are struggling to find the talent to build the models as well as operationalize the models in production.

    In this session, Fern Halper, Ph.D., will discuss some key trends and challenges around machine learning as well as five practical tips for success.

  • Dalton Ruer

    Senior Solutions Architect, Qlik

    Actionable Real Time Predictive Analytics

    Qlik's Modern Analytics Platform enables your business to combine historical and live data along with real time ML/AI to provide predictive insights into the future. No black-box data science here to ignore. We help you make the explained predictions actionable by embedding them directly into your staff's workflow to augment their intelligence.

    Speaker Bio: Dalton Ruer is a data scientist storyteller. He is a seasoned author, speaker, blogger, and YouTube video creator who is best known for dynamically sharing inconvenient truths and observations in a humorous manner. The passion which Dalton shares through all mediums moves and motivates others to action.

  • Lukas Innig

    Customer Facing Data Scientist, DataRobot

    Transforming your Business with Enterprise AI and Machine Learning

    The DataRobot enterprise AI platform democratizes data science for users of all skill levels and automates the end-to-end process for building, deploying, and maintaining AI at scale. Powered by the latest opensource algorithms and available in the cloud, on-premises, or as a fully managed AI service, DataRobotgives you the power of AI to drive better business outcomes in a trustworthy and transparent manner. In this session, Lukas Innig, leading customer-facing data scientist with DataRobot, will discuss the value AI and machine learning stand to provide your organization, the ease with which you can realize this value with the right technology stack, and the importance of democratizing machine learning insights with wider business stakeholders.

    Speaker Bio:Lukas Innig is a customer-facing data scientist at DataRobot. Based in London, and servicing cross-vertical clients across EMEA, he enables these businesses to make data-driven decisions using the automated machine learning platform developed by DataRobot.

    Before joining DataRobot, he worked as part of the data science teams at Tesco and Ocado, enabling them to become more customer focused, drive efficiency, and increase the availability of products.

  • Rob O’Neill

    Head of Information Innovation, Information and Informatics (I3) Service, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust

    Empowering Organizations to Revolutionize Demand Forecasting with Analytics and Machine Learning

    During this webinar you’ll see a real-world demo of how the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMB) is using Qlik and DataRobot to underpin technology-driven healthcare transformation and disrupt traditional ways of thinking about healthcare delivery. We’ll show you how urgent care demand can be predicted on an hour-by-hour basis up to 2 days in advance, and we’ll execute the models and analyze the results from within a Qlik Sense app. The concept of intelligent and self-learning analytical solutions encapsulates what we are aspiring to achieve, with a continued focus on improving healthcare efficiency and driving up patient outcomes.

    Speaker Bio: Rob O’Neill is a data and analytics professional experienced working within a variety of healthcare systems. Rob has a track of record of delivering highly successful analytical programs and is passionate about the use of data to underpin transformation.

    In his current position, Rob is strategic lead for analytics and data science for the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay and is part of an Informatics leadership team that delivers services across a regional care system.

    Rob graduated as a founding cohort member of the internationally renowned NHS Digital Academy, a leadership program delivered by Imperial College London and the University of Edinburgh.

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