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TDWI Checklist Report Series: Steps to Achieving Big Data Analytics Maturity

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TDWI research indicates that organizations view analytics as an opportunity to help in better decision making, to better understand customers, and to improve business performance. At the same time, many organizations are collecting increasing amounts of disparate data. In fact, many are collecting more than they can manage or analyze, yet they realize that big data and data analysis can provide an important strategic competitive advantage. According to TDWI research, interest is growing for big data solutions.

A Guide to Achieving Big Data Analytics Maturity (TDWI Benchmark Guide), which builds on the big data maturity model created by TDWI, presents an in-depth discussion of how organizations move through their big data analytics journey. It describes the stages of analytics maturity and what TDWI has seen so far in the results of the assessment. To accompany the guide, we have identified numerous best practices that can help organizations move from one stage of maturity to the next, covered in a four-part series of TDWI Checklist Reports:

Is it worth the effort? Absolutely! Organizations that have achieved data and analytics maturity are more likely to improve their top or bottom lines (or both).

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