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TDWI Big Data Maturity Model Guide

October 30, 2013

Reason for the Model

Today, many organizations are collecting increasing amounts of disparate data. In fact, they are collecting more than they can manage or analyze; yet, they realize that data and data analysis can provide an important strategic competitive advantage. According to TDWI Research, a new group of user organizations is currently commencing or expanding solutions for analytics with big data. We created the TDWI Big Data Maturity Model and assessment tool in response to requests from organizations to understand how their big data deployments compare to those of their peers in order to provide best-class insight and support. The assessment measures the maturity of a big data program in an objective way across various dimensions that are key to deriving value from big data. Based on our experience, data becomes useful when it can be analyzed, so big data analytics is a primary focus of the model.

Value of the Model

The model can help guide IT and business professionals on their big data journey. It provides a framework for companies to understand where they are, where they’ve been, and where they still need to go on their big data deployments. The model can also provide guidance for companies at the beginning of their big data journey by helping them understand best practices used by companies that are more mature in their deployments. Of course, most companies are at the beginning of their big data journey, and so there is a great deal of confusion in the market. Therefore, the model also helps organizations recognize that they are not alone in their big data challenges. A great feature of the Big Data Maturity Model is the interactive benchmark assessment. After taking the benchmark survey, you will be able to quantify the maturity of your deployment in an objective way, understand your progress, and identify what it will take to get to the next level of maturity. This benchmark guide is designed to help you understand the phases of maturity in big data as well as help you interpret your benchmarking scores. We hope you find it useful.

Fern Halper, Director for Advanced Analytics, TDWI Research
Krish Krishnan, Founder, Sixth Sense Advisors

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