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Vendor News

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XSOC Corp. Releases Cryptographic Systems Built to Secure Critical Data

Built-in post-quantum security is designed to protect enterprise-critical data and communications.

Newly Released dotData Py Lite Enables Python AI Development on Desktop

The dotData product is designed for data scientists developing ML models and deploying containerized AI.

Fivetran Updates Its ‘Powered by’ Managed Service

New embedding capabilities enable product teams to blend data integration functionality into their apps.

Excelero Addresses Gaps in Public Cloud Storage

Excelero’s NVMesh elastic NVMe storage software, now on Microsoft Azure, provides AI/ML, GPU computing, HPC, and analytics.

Actian Releases Avalanche Cloud Data Warehouse

Actian delivers its hybrid cloud data warehouse platform on Google Cloud.

Enterprises Lack a Mature Data Strategy -- 2nd Watch Survey

A new study found 70 percent of organizations want to make better use of their data but lack the resources, skills, and the vision to be successful.

Scality and HPE Release ARTESCA: Lightweight Object Storage Software for Kubernetes

ARTESCA supports application owners and DevOps with facilitated deployment and multicloud data management.

Subex Releases HyperSense Analytics Platform

New product provides flexible, modular, and no-code solution that accelerates adoption and democratization of AI in enterprise analytics.

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