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Most Data Teams Have Experienced Employee Resistance to Adopting Data-Driven Methods

Global study finds employee confusion curbs data culture transformation.

Signals Analytics’ COVID-19 Playbook Leverages Advanced Analytics for Accelerating Vaccine Development, Drug Discovery

Free to researchers, the COVID-19 Playbook, built on top of the Signals Analytics platform, highlights critical market intelligence and trends with off-the-shelf taxonomies and visualization tools.

MIT Sloan Group Releases Tools and Recommendations to Prevent Health System Collapse

Experts provide tools to identify high-risk areas that may overwhelm hospitals.

Eventador Platform Streamlines Streaming Application Development

Enables use of ANSI SQL to create materialized views on Apache Kafka streams and easily consume data in RESTful applications.

2nd Watch Debuts Analytics Service for Data-Driven Companies

Ready-to-deploy data lake connects to key data sources; scales to hundreds or thousands of datasets, providing users with the centralized analytics, metrics, and reports.

Alluxio’s New Service Enables Structured Data Applications to Interact Up to 5x Faster with Data

Alluxio provides just-in-time data transformation of data to be compute-optimized for applications, independent of the storage solution or format

Survey Finds SMBs Aren’t Fully Leveraging Business Analytics

Despite spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on data analytics solutions every year, 86 percent of SMB managers and executives surveyed said their companies could be making better use of these technologies.

YugabyteDB 2.1 Release Expands Geodistributed, Multicloud Deployment Options

Update boasts performance improvements and enhanced security features.

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