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Vendor News

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Software AG’s TrendMiner NextGen Tackles Industrial Analytics

”Advanced analytics for all” mission drives user-centric innovation to support a wider range of analytics use cases.

Most Companies Unprepared for CCPA Compliance Says New CYTRIO Research

CYTRIO’s data privacy research shows CCPA non-compliance from Q4 2021 continues into Q1 2022 despite impending enforcement.

CAST AI Review Finds Companies Spend Three Times More Than They Should on Cloud Costs

Overprovisioning results in significant cost without material benefit.

Insurance Leaders Agree Data Technologies Are Key to Advancement

More than 80 percent of insurance leaders see fragmented customer data as a threat according to a Reltio survey.

Neo4j Introduces Graph Data Science-as-a-Service

Neo4j's offering accelerates development of intelligent apps using predictive analytics and machine learning pipelines.

Monte Carlo’s Circuit Breakers Helps Data Teams Automatically Stop Broken Data Pipelines

The data observability platform’s new functionalities stop broken data pipelines before bad data impacts the business.

Monitaur Launches GovernML to Guide and Assure Entire AI Life Cycle

New offering expands AI governance software from policy to proof.

Comet’s New Survey Highlights AI’s Latest Challenges: Too Much Friction, Too Little ML

Majority of machine learning professionals admit to abandoning 40-60 percent of their experiments.

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