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Telmai Update Simplifies, Accelerates Enterprise Adoption of Data Observability

Seven features -- from time travel analysis to BYOC -- strengthen the breadth, depth, and total data observability time to value.

New Research Finds Cyberattacks Against Critical Infrastructure on the Rise

Sixty percent of incidents result in operational disruption, driving the need for proactive OT defenses and incident response.

Kinetica Launches Native LLM for Language-to-SQL on Enterprise Data

Embedded large language model allows organizations to run SQL-GPT with enhanced privacy, security, and greater fine-tuning.

Schneider Electric Issues Blueprint for Optimizing Data Centers to Harness AI Power

New guide addresses physical infrastructure design challenges for data centers to support the shift in AI-driven workloads.

Dremio Unveils Next-Generation Reflections, Accelerating SQL Query Performance on the Data Lakehouse

Easy and open data lakehouse technology empowers organizations with sub-second analytics across all data.

YugabyteDB 2.19 Bridges Application’s Journey from Lift-and-Shift Migration to Massive Scale

Update enables midsize applications running on single-node database instances to seamlessly move to a fully distributed database environment.

Getting Data Governance Right is Top AI Priority, Komprise Survey Finds

Third-annual industry survey finds preparing for AI is leading data storage priority and unstructured data management challenge.

Report Exposes Critical Gaps in Identity Threat Protection

Inaugural State of Identity Security Report from Silverfort and Osterman Research finds that 83% of organizations experienced an identity-related breach.

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