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Data Management Best Practices for Cloud and Hybrid Architectures

User practices and vendor tools must adapt to the increasing presence of cloud-based IT systems.

Can AI Solve Our Cybersecurity Challenges?

Can artificial intelligence keep enterprise data safe and stay ahead of hackers' latest techniques?

Data Digest: Entry-Level Data Science, Machine Learning and Data Quality, Statistics to Learn

Why there are few entry-level jobs in data science, how vendors say machine learning will cleanse data, and which statistical techniques are most important in data science.

When You're Ready for AI But Your Company Isn't

Creating a compelling business case is a greater challenge than building the edgiest of algorithms.

TimeXtender Announces New Release of Discovery Hub

Upgrade includes shared semantic layer to ensure all users work with same numbers for business analytics.

3 Technologies Disrupting Finance

Artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things have brought major, sometimes unwelcome shifts within the finance industry.

Data Digest: New Data Managers, Data Governance Benefits, Planning Data Architecture

How to recruit young employees into data management, explain the benefits of data governance, and create an information model to guide your architecture.

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