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Data Digest: Machine Learning Pitfalls, Free Training, and Term Definition

How to avoid undermining machine learning, learn the basics online, or find high-level definitions.

Data Stories: Ordering, Pronouncing, and Eating Delicious Food

These visualizations compare restaurant attendance, pronunciation, and fast food calories.

Data Digest: Data Science Platforms, Job Ranking, and Marketing

The latest on the data science platform market, why data scientist is still the best job, and how data science helps marketing.

Improving Data Accuracy with Robotic Process Automation

We examine two important areas where automation can improve OCR performance.

Using OCR: How Accurate is Your Data?

With effective use of confidence scoring, you can use OCR to automate some types of data ingestion.

Timely Information: How Current Is This?

You need timely information for many personal and business decisions. When reports do not include an as-of or effective date, the omission can create confusion.

Data Digest: Ethics and Analytics

New classes, tactics, and innovations are trying to handle ethical questions raised by the spread of mass data collection and predictive models.

Data Stories: Avoiding Visualization Failures

Data visualizations are powerful, but they can be misinterpreted or misleading -- accidentally or intentionally.

Data Digest: Analytics in Many Industries

New uses for data, analytics, and advanced techniques such as AI are changing film marketing, financial products, and supply chains.

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