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Breaking Barriers

Master Data Management: Extracting Value from Your Most Important Intangible Asset

Increased attention to master data management can lead to quantifiable increases in business value. Seth Halpern of SAP shows you how to get the most from your data.

Data Integration and Data Warehousing Defined

To help you make your way throughthe many powerful case studiesand “lessons from the experts”articles in What Works in DataIntegration, we have arrangedthem into specific categories:data integration, data quality,master data management,open source data integration, anddata warehousing. What do theseterms mean, and how do theyapply to your organization?

Lesson from the Experts: SAP BI: A Robust New Platform for Enterprise BI

SAP AG recently announced its businessintelligence (BI) product roadmap and notsurprisingly, it is based upon the businesswarehouse (BW) foundation—along with anoptional hardware appliance—a BI Accelerator—to enhance query performance.

DW Appliances

Q&A with the Experts: DataFlux

A business intelligence or data warehouse implementation can be a formidable undertaking. On this page, leading business intelligence and data warehousing solution provider DataFlux share their answers to the questions they hear often from industry professionals. Mark Hammond, an independent consultant, provides his analyst viewpoint to each Q&A.

Lesson from the Experts: Scaling Very Large Data Warehouses in an MPP and Grid World

Corporate data warehousing has seen dramaticincreases in volume and complexity over the last several years. Increasingly stringent regulatory requirements coupled with dramatic business success stories have catapulted organizations towards low-cost DW appliances to manage VLDW (very large data warehouse) projects. Indeed, VLDW projects in the hundreds of terabytes are increasingly commonplace. There are considerationsbeyond speed and price, however. The processes,methods, and resources required to successfully realize an enterprise VLDW deployment on these appliance technologies must keep pace with the eye-popping performance metrics.

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