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GDPR's Impact on BI (Part 1 in a Series)

What are the six principles that define the GDPR and how will they affect business intelligence and analytics?


Are you in compliance yet? Read these frequently asked questions about GDPR to ensure your enterprise is on the right track.

The Age of Instrumentation Enables Better Business Outcomes

The benefits of instrumentation are massive but only if you start now and invest in the right tools.

GDPR: Three Areas That Need Your Attention Now

GDPR has arrived. Here are three things your organization needs to do now.

The Gender Pay Gap Remains

TDWI's 2017 salary survey reveals that little has changed in the wage disparity between men and women in BI.

Data Digest: Machine Learning Pitfalls, Applications for AI and ML, Testing Results

Dangers when starting machine learning, applications for AI, and why some practitioners say they need a better way to evaluate AI results.

Data Digest: Predictive Analytics in Healthcare, Insurance, and Retail

These articles explain how predictive analytics is affecting more industries.

Data Digest: AI Costs, Myths, and Ethics

Use AI at a reasonable cost, avoid these myths about AI, and learn how AI should be governed to be trustworthy.

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