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Staffing, Roles, and Careers

Data Digest: The Business Value of Data

How CDOs can increase business value, how AI is changing industry, and how data scientists can improve their impact on their enterprises.

Executive Q&A: Developing Data-Focused Professionals

Employers continue to face challenges finding and hiring the talent they need. Amarda Shehu, Professor of Computer Science, Associate Dean for AI Innovation, and AVPR of the Institute for Digital Innovation at George Mason University offers insights about developing that talent, especially the role higher education and government can play.

The Top-Down Approach to AI: A Mandate for Today’s CEOs

Artificial intelligence is a fast-changing technology, and CEOs must do more than just be aware of it. As a CEO, it’s up to you to lead the charge into the AI-enabled future for your enterprise.

The AI Problem We’re Not Taking Seriously Enough

The key to employee acceptance of AI is an aggressive management commitment to focus on using AI to enhance -- not replace -- a user’s job. Also key: loud and clear communication of that goal.

Data Digest: Hiring Trends, Switching Tracks, Specialization

News about hiring for tech jobs, guidance for job-seeking Ph.D. grads, and advice for improving your data science career.

Data Digest: Planning for the Future of Data

Looking toward the future of data science, modernizing your enterprise, and improving your data architecture and strategy.

Data Digest: Driving Business Growth with Analytics and AI

Leveraging data, the importance of analytics and AI, and how AI can improve your business.

Data Digest: Exploring Data, Business ROI, Managing Staff

Explaining exploratory data analysis, gaining business value from analytics, and keeping your IT staff.

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