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Staffing, Roles, and Careers

Generative AI Enthusiasm Versus Expertise: A Boardroom Disconnect

Members of corporate boards may overestimate their generative AI expertise and instead should be on a learning curve with the technology to ensure responsible adoption.

Entering the Age of Explainable AI

With the increasing importance being placed on ethical AI, organizations are turning more to “explainable AI” -- a set of processes and methods that allow them to understand the output of machine learning algorithms.

Case Study: Creating A Visual Dashboard of Forced Labor Around the Globe

The SAS Hackathon winner for 2023 was a group effort. Here’s how the project came about and came together, what data sources it used, who did what (and why), how the team overcame challenges, and what’s ahead for the project.

Data Digest: Data Strategy and Leadership

A framework for creating a data strategy, why business leaders must focus on data governance, and a process for consolidating and unifying your data.

The Human Factor in AI with Tamilla Triantoro

Tamilla Triantoro, associate professor of business analytics and information systems at Quinnipiac University, discusses the human factor in artificial intelligence.

Data Digest: Data Science and AI Training

Tips for training in data science, the importance of AI skills for businesses, and training employees in new skills.

Building a Better Analytics Team

As a data and analytics leader, you have the charter to deliver results. The heart of achieving this goal is to build a great team and empower them to drive toward success.

Data Digest: Trends for AI, Analytics, and DevOps

Predictions for the year ahead across multiple aspects of advanced analytics.

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