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Practical Data Science

Data Stories: Perceiving Time, Working at Home, Financial Trends

These visualizations show how our perception of time can change, who has been able to work remotely, and the financial impact of the pandemic in Canada.

Data Digest: Data Science Culture, Hiring, and Training

How to support data science projects, hire the right skills, and train for data science work.

The Benefits of Balancing Self-Service and Enterprise Data Systems

If organizations use enterprise systems to solve common challenges, users can focus on resolving business questions and improving performance rather than on how to query and access data.

Data Digest: Data Science Changes, Trends, and Examples

How data science is changing because of COVID-19, data science trends to watch, and how to apply machine learning today.

Executive Perspective: Text, Voice, and Facial Recognition

Natural language processing is helping enterprises analyze their data, but its complexities extend beyond understanding inputs and outputs. Behavioral Signals’ CEO, Rana Gujral, explains NLP’s strengths and weaknesses and compares text, voice, and facial recognition technologies.

Data Stories: Shifting to the Long-Term View

As the COVID-19 pandemic wears on, many are adjusting to the idea that nothing is going back to normal soon. These visualizations show the path to a vaccine, possible repercussions from the pandemic, and higher education paths for the class of 2021.

The 7 Self-Service BI Essentials

This list of essential self-service BI capabilities goes beyond report creation tools to include the means of supplying and distributing premade assets.

Data Digest: Data Science and BI, Biases, and Data Prep

How data scientists can work alongside BI and avoid biases, plus new information about time spent on data preparation.

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