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Practical Data Science

Putting Analytics and AI in Context for Better Outcomes

How do organizations really gain value from analytics? Deliver results and drive change at your enterprise using these experts' advice.

33 Ways Data Workers Can Beat Job Burnout

The WHO officially designated employment burnout as a medical condition. Data-related jobs bring a unique set of stresses and challenges that can contribute to this problem. Here are 33 ways data workers can use to beat their unique flavor of burnout and renew their careers.

Data Digest: Soccer Analytics

A statistical history of the New York City ticker-tape parade, attending a soccer analytics bootcamp, and the analytics of choosing a team roster.

Data Stories: Tips and Tricks for Better Visualizations

Looking for inspiration for your data visualizations? Learn from great examples of data journalism and explore the landscape of available tools.

Data Stories: Fireworks Injuries and Hazards

In the U.S., it’s time for the annual spike in fireworks-related injuries. Learn more in these three data visualizations.

Why Synthetic Data Could Be the Ultimate AI Disruptor

Synthetic data -- computer-generated data that mimics real-world phenomena -- is disrupting traditional data-to-insight pipelines, allowing organizations of all scales to test, tune, and optimize revolutionary AI models.

Data Stories: Gender in Government, Drawing Districts, Types of Voting

Data visualizations are often used to present a large amount of information in a way that’s clear to the viewer. These visualizations explore the gender balance in the U.S. House of Representatives, how creating voting districts can swing elections, and the effect of ranked choice voting.

Data Digest: Trends and Hiring in Data Science

How the role is changing, current salary trends, and which companies hire the most data scientists.

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