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Practical Data Science

Data Digest: New Data Exploration Trends, AI-Driven Research, Data Science Students

How to be ready for new data trends, how new research tools are growing, and the first steps toward a data science career.

CDO's Next Major Task: Enabling Data Access for Non-Analysts

Digital transformation requires a commitment to enterprisewide data literacy if your organization is going to thrive in this changing business climate.

Data Digest: Jupyter Origin Story and ML Applications in Health and Science

How the Jupyter project got started, using machine learning for heart health, and finding new insights for battery charging with ML.

Data Stories: Remote Work and Social Distancing

These visualizations show how remote work is going, good places for remote workers, and how to handle social distancing in the office.

Data Digest: Data Science Innovations, Quotes, Books, and Podcasts

The most innovative companies for data science, quotes from data scientists, and a reading and listening list to check out.

Do Your Data Visualizations Lead to Action?

In a recent "Ten Mistakes to Avoid" report, author Stan Pugsley explains ten ways visualization authors can go wrong. This excerpt from the report explains one such mistake.

Data Digest: Machine Learning and Automation, Robotics, and Operations

Applications of AutoML, using ML to train robots, and deploying machine learning faster.

Data Stories: Exploring Federal Finance

These data visualizations investigate tax regulations, state budgets, and government spending in the U.S.

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