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Practical Data Science

Be (More) Wrong Faster -- Dumbing Down Artificial Intelligence with Bad Data

AI’s benefits will be severely diminished if it’s hampered by poor quality data.

Data Stories: Marking One Million

As the death toll from COVID-19 rose over one million, news organizations tried to convey the scale in multiple ways.

Data Story Visualization: A Decision Tree

Learn how to select the best visualization to tell your story.

Setting Up for Success: Governing Self-Service BI

To successfully adopt a self-service BI and analytics program, enterprises need a mature governance strategy that is effective, all-encompassing, and realistic. Here are five key components to that strategy.

Data Digest: Predictive Analytics for Epidemics, Health Outcomes, and Labor Industries

An ambitious project to predict outbreaks, a study to predict COVID-19 progression, and multiple applications for predictive analytics in blue-collar jobs.

Why Gut Instinct Still Dominates Decision Making (And How to Become Data-Driven)

Trust in data remains a key concern for executives, but two-thirds still don't put data first when making decisions according to a new report.

Data Stories: Home, Affordable Home

How much money is spent on mortgages, the average age of houses in the U.S., and new housing trends due to the pandemic.

Predictive Analytics in the Real World: Utilities and the Pandemic

Using predictive analytics can help utilities safeguard revenues and protect at-risk customers.

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