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Data Observability in the Cloud: Three Things to Look for in Holistic Data Platform Governance

Thanks to AI, next-generation data observability tools will extend beyond identifying problems and explain how to resolve the problem. To do so, your data platforms will need these three key features.

End-User Experience Analytics: An Unconventional Approach to Enterprise Data Analysis

By leveraging end-user trend analysis, your organization can create a proactive, preventive approach to IT management that ensures your employees have the best possible experience.

Data Digest: Predictive Analytics Applications

Using predictive analytics to hire the right people, improve marketing campaigns, and boost overall business success.

Data Management and the Next Generation of AI

James Kobielus, TDWI’s senior director of research for data management, talks about how to update your data management practices to prepare for the next generation of AI.

What’s Coming in Analytics (And How We’ll Get There)

From AI/ML and the composable enterprise to advances in quantum computing, there are plenty of changes ahead for analytics. Here are particular areas to watch.

Modern Data Engineering with Matt Florian

Matt Florian, partner and cloud analytics practice director with Comerit, discusses modern data engineering and key tips for data engineers.

Training for Data Literacy with David Tam

David Tam, data and analytics business partner with HSB Canada, explains his team’s journey with data literacy training.

Three Best Practices for Optimizing the Benefits of Your Modern Data Stack

Here are three ways your enterprise can get the most from your data stack.

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