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Leading-Edge Analytics

When You're Ready for AI But Your Company Isn't

Creating a compelling business case is a greater challenge than building the edgiest of algorithms.

3 Technologies Disrupting Finance

Artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things have brought major, sometimes unwelcome shifts within the finance industry.

Data Digest: Machine Learning 101, Cloud Myths, 2018 Trends

Learn the fundamentals of machine learning, myths about cloud security, and upcoming technology trends.

Data Digest: Machine Learning Innovation, Predictive Analytics Hiring, Data Science Mistakes

Machine learning algorithms that write new algorithms, trends that affect analytics hiring, and data science challenges to navigate.

Using Advanced Analytics for Societal Good

If data can help us solve problems and improve the quality of life, we must promote and publicize analytics efforts that help advance humanity.

Data Digest: Data Science Contest, Cutting-Edge Analytics, Predicting Employee Turnover

Data science students receive experience in contest, example uses for big data and advanced analytics, and how machine learning may detect reasons employees leave.

Q&A: Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and the Modern Enterprise

Are you interested in bringing machine learning and predictive analytics to your enterprise? Many prospective users don't know where to start.

The AI Toolbox: New Skills for a New Generation

To understand how AI skills differ from the needs of other programming areas, consider what your AI toolbox might contain.

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