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IT and Enterprise Data Management

Data Digest: Focus on Risk, Security Trends, GDPR

Why cybersecurity needs better risk assessment, expected trends in security, and why U.S. companies should be more aware of GDPR.

3 Keys to Maximizing Machine Learning in Your Enterprise

What you need to know about machine learning to leverage its full potential in your enterprise.

Data Digest: Graph Databases and Database Optimization

Understand the basics of graph databases and why the finance sector is using them, then review database optimization techniques.

Data Digest: Data Governance Recipes, Understanding Unstructured Data and Data Lineage

Transfer lessons from the kitchen to the data center, learn how to handle unstructured data, and realize why you need data lineage.

In-Memory Computing for Turbo-Powered Analytics

Embracing in-memory computing and data virtualization can move your business from laggard to leader.

Data Digest: Security Solutions and Machine Learning in the Cloud, Deploying New Solutions

Network security and machine learning trends in cloud computing, and how to replace a legacy system safely.

Data, Time, and the Data Lake: Putting it All Together

Extensive design and development effort has been expended over more than three decades to allow relational databases to handle time properly. Can data lakes manage it as well?

Data Stories: Examining Hot Tech Skills and Employee Satisfaction

Which skills are needed, which skills are disliked, and which employees are most satisfied?

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