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IT and Enterprise Data Management

At re:Invent, Amazon Enhances AWS Yet Again

At the re:Invent conference, Amazon announced a slew of new products, services, and features, including a technology for querying against its S3 storage service and a new AI framework.

The Hyperconvergence of Microsoft BI and Analytics

Microsoft's cloud-based BI and analytics stack isn't just evolving -- it's converging with its established, on-premises BI and analytics stack.

Data Digest: Holiday Traffic, Evaluate Security, Notable DDoS Attacks

Learn from retailers how to prevent online outages, when your enterprise should adjust its security, and what experts say about this year’s significant DDoS attacks.

As with All Data, Big Data Needs Governance

Big data presents significant business opportunities when leveraged properly. When poorly governed or managed, big data presents significant business and technology risks.

Mid-Life Crisis? The Analytics Database Appliance at Middle Age

The analytics appliance is fifteen years old, but tech marketers and some industry experts say there's still plenty of demand for MPP database appliances.

Necessity, Not Luxury: Automating Testing and Quality Assurance for BI

It was hard enough to manage testing and quality assurance in the old days. In the context of big data, cloud, streaming data, and other still-emerging technologies, automated testing and quality assurance is a necessity, not a luxury.

In Praise of Modular BI

At TDWI's recent Executive Summit in San Diego, Facebook's Justin Ward made a case for what he called "building block" business intelligence.

Data Digest: Data Lake Advice, IoT Subscriptions, IoT Security Problems Continue

How to improve your data lake, how to align your business with the subscription economy, and what to take away from the latest research on IoT security problems.

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