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IT and Enterprise Data Management

Q&A: Modernization Strategies for Unstructured Data

In this Q&A, Kumar Goswami, CEO of Komprise, answers questions about data modernization strategies and trends.

Executive Q&A: Data Virtualization and the Use Cases of Today and Tomorrow

Data virtualization has been around for decades but confusion among technologies remains. Denodo’s SVP and CMO Ravi Shankar helps clear things up.

Data Digest: Managing Data Privacy, Data Governance, and Master Data

Increase your data's value and decrease risks by improving your data privacy, data governance, and master data management.

Data Digest: Data Fabric and Data Mesh

Learn about the latest data architecture approaches: the data fabric and the data mesh.

Q&A: Why Is Data Quality So Elusive?

In this Q&A, data management and governance platform strategist Marek Ovcacek discusses why enterprises haven’t made more progress on data quality.

Data Digest: Data-Driven Decisions and Data Quality

How to avoid making the wrong decisions with data and possible improvements to data quality processes.

Building Customer Trust in Your Data Policies

A customer’s trust in how you collect and use personal and business data can be a competitive advantage.

Data Digest: Differential Privacy, Privacy Regulations, Phishing Attacks

The benefits of new privacy approaches, the variety of data privacy regulations around the world, and the volume of cyberattacks some organizations face.

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