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When Is the Risk of New Methods Worth the Reward?

Vodafone combined agile development, data warehouse automation, and flexible data modeling to transform its reporting-centric BI into next-gen analytics.

Data Digest: Integrating IoT Solutions, Securing Data Lakes, Testing IoT Vulnerabilities

Determine how well a new IoT solution or tool will integrate into your system, secure your data lake from the start, and check your system for vulnerable IoT devices.

Teradata: Here, There, and Everywhere

For companies trying to balance the convenience of the cloud against on-premises performance advantages, Teradata Everywhere should be compelling.

The State of Spark Adoption, Carefully Considered

The "Apache Spark Survey 2016," published last month, paints a promising picture of the Spark cluster computing platform's prospects.

Why Databases Are Moving to the Cloud

A greater comfort with cloud deployment is emerging. Businesses that are migrating databases to the cloud or building databases there are usually doing so as a result of one of the factors outlined in this article.

5 Reasons NoSQL Adoption is Booming

These five advantages of NoSQL databases explain what's driving their rapid adoption.

Improving the Quality of Data on Hadoop

Data quality on Hadoop is becoming more important as more critical data is being stored there. Consider the automation and performance advantages of an on-Hadoop data quality solution which cleanses data without it ever leaving the cluster

The Maturation of Hadoop -- Adoption and Experience

New survey results suggest that even when organizations have decided to commit to some use of Hadoop, their teams may still need additional training to come up to speed.

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