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The Growing Need for SQL for Hadoop

Experienced data management professionals are adopting Hadoop, and they want to use their SQL skills and tools with Hadoop data.

4 Data Management Best Practices for Cloud Computing

Data originating on cloud or migrating to cloud demands best practices just as other valuable data assets do.

Avoid the Premature Release of Data Warehouse Software

Although we may be subject to intense pressure to meet implementation targets, we should make every effort to avoid treating our user community as beta testers or supplying users with inaccurate program prompts or user documentation.

The Rise of Predictive Infrastructure

Infrastructure speed has reached a plateau. Today's enterprises should be seeking out predictive, automated solutions to improve their enterprise infrastructure.

Data Digest: Predictive Analytics Benefits, Predictive Challenges, Unstructured Data Security

Learn the basic concepts behind predictive analytics, 14 challenges facing predictive analytics, and 5 ways to improve unstructured data security.

Are Hadoop's Best Days Behind It -- Or Still Ahead?

Pessimists are predicting the end of Hadoop -- "peak Hadoop," in the words of one influential analyst. Optimists say Hadoop's future is assured. Who's right?

Our Robot Overlords Are Coming -- Soon

So-called smart machines will be used in nearly one-third of large enterprises by 2021. That's tantamount to mainstream adoption.

Cazena: Managed Big-Data-as-a-Service Made Easy

If you don't know where to start with big-data-as-a-service, upstart player Cazena says it has just the thing for you. Cazena markets managed data mart and data lake services -- with a twist.

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