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IT and Enterprise Data Management

Data Digest: Data Governance and Privacy Regulations

The GDPR today, looking into the new DGA, and building strong cybersecurity systems.

Data Digest: Data Management and Quality

Effectively managing your data, sharing your data across the enterprise, and ensuring data quality.

Powering a Greener Future: How Data Centers Can Slash Emissions

It is not only AI models impacting earth’s carbon footprint. Any workload involving large data sets can have the same effect. Here’s what data centers can do to mitigate carbon emissions.

Data Digest: Data Stacks, Data Strategies, Vector Databases

These articles review advice for creating a strong data environment to support big data and AI.

Data Digest: Data Governance, Cybersecurity, AI Data Regulation

Successful data governance, cybersecurity monitoring options, and reactions to new government guidance about AI.

Data Digest: Data Governance and MDM

These articles explain the importance of effective data governance and master data management.

Data Digest: Data Stacks, Data Platforms, Self-Service Strategies

The benefits of different types of data stacks, the possibility of a new type of data platform, and the difficulties with self-service data initiatives.

Data Digest: Sharing Data, Governing the Internet, Predicting Problems

Federal agencies struggle to share data, a UN forum on current technology issues, and a case study of the failure of predictive analytics in law enforcement.

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