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Data and Business Leadership

Four Ways to Cut Your Cloud Costs

Reducing storage, messaging queue, and transit and computing costs and minimizing data consumption can help you cut your cloud costs.

How Pyramid Thinking Can Revolutionize Your Data Strategy

By taking a top-down approach to developing your data strategy, you can meet your organizational goals even more efficiently.

Five Steps to Balancing Centralized and Decentralized Data Governance

Organizations must realign responsibilities and decision rights between the central data governance authority and the decentralized business functions. Here’s how.

Executive Q&A: The Critical Role of Reporting in Trimming Storage Costs

In good times and tough times, IT managers are always looking for ways to trim costs. With ever-growing data volumes, managing data costs is critical. We spoke with Komprise COO and President Krishna Subramanian about how to get better control of these costs.

Q&A: How to Build a Data Team for a Modern Data Stack

Data teams are critical for successful enterprises. Rohit Choudhary, founder and CEO of Acceldata, offers several tips for building your ideal team.

Data Digest: Business Benefits from New Technologies and the CDO

Learn about digital twins, machine learning basics, and the changing role of the chief data officer.

Zero Trust Model: The Best Way to Build a Robust Data Backup Strategy

In recent years, the concept of zero trust has emerged as a powerful new cybersecurity approach, and now plays an important role in disaster recovery planning.

Executive Q&A: All About Data Contracts

In this Q&A, Monte Carlo CTO Shane Murray explains the value and purpose of a new data tool -- data contracts -- to help data teams manage pipelines.

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