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Data and Business Leadership

Data Digest: Securing and Supporting Remote Work

How the rise in remote work affects security, the benefits of data replication, and research into employee trends.

Data Digest: Getting More Value from Your Data

Articles about improving your approach to big data, data value, and data lake management.

Proven Ways to Use AI to Cut Cloud Costs

AI can reduce cloud costs in two key ways.

Executive Q&A: Data Management and the Cloud

Moving data to the cloud poses several challenges. Datometry CEO Mike Waas explains how to make the move smoother.

Find a New Purpose, Vision, and Mission for Your Data Warehouse

As user bases and data platforms grow, what should be the role of your data warehouse?

Data Digest: Value of Data Literacy, Data Fabric, and Unbiased AI

Advice for improving data literacy, use cases for data fabric, and the risks of bias in AI.

How Symbolic AI Yields Cost Savings, Business Results

"Good old-fashioned AI" experiences a resurgence as natural language processing takes on new importance for enterprises.

Data Digest: Predictions for Analytics, Networks, and Digital Leaders

Looking ahead at 2022 in marketing analytics, data privacy trends, network outages, and continued hybrid workplaces.

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