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The Importance of the Universal Semantic Layer in Modern Data Analytics and BI

What is a semantic layer and how can a universal semantic layer enable your business users to deliver actionable insights and make data-driven decisions faster?

Data Digest: Data Quality and Security

Improving and maintaining data quality and advice for working in cybersecurity.

Data Digest: Data and Information Governance

Getting started with information governance, the importance of data governance training, and a case study about a successful large data governance program.

Three Data Removal Myths That Provide a False Sense of Security

As hardware and regulations change, it’s time for enterprises to carefully built – or re-evaluate – their data destruction policies and processes.

Data Digest: High-Tech, Major Challenges

News about a recent cyberattack, the difficulty in designing for a niche piece of technology, and mistakes made in healthcare data.

Five Steps to Balancing Centralized and Decentralized Data Governance

Organizations must realign responsibilities and decision rights between the central data governance authority and the decentralized business functions. Here’s how.

Data Digest: Managing AI Responsibly

Controlling for AI bias, upcoming governmental guidance for AI, and using AI to safely detect fraud.

How a Semantic Layer Helps Your Data Teams

The semantic layer may be the key to making the self-service data revolution a reality for everyone.

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